The Society of Finnish Archivists

The society was founded in 1947 in order to create and promote contacts between professionals in the archival field and to further knowledge and research in their domain.

The society arranges meetings and seminars as well as study trips and educational visits, gives statements on the acts, regulations, instructions and recommendations issued by the authorities and issues publications. It is in contact with domestic and foreign organizations in the archival field and funds member participation in domestic and foreign seminars and conferences.

Information about upciming seminars, study trips, educational visits, or other events is found on the page ”Tapahtumat”. It is only available in Finnish.

The annual Spring meeting of the Society elects a Board with five members and two deputies which is in charge of the activities.

New society members are approved by the Board which provides new members with the latest newsletter and a bank giro form for payment of the membership fee (the annual fee is 20 euros in 2020).

Everybody who is employed in the archival field, handles records management tasks or is in some other way familiar with the archival profession is a potential member of the Society. Society membership can be applied for by filling the form on the page ”Etusivu”.

As a member you are entitled to participation in seminars, study trips and educational visits throwing light on archives and records management of various organizations. The Society supports members participating in seminar and conference travels (if the Society has been granted funds for such ends).